The “Internet of Things” sucks.

Not the actual concept, but the name. I prefer “Online Circuit of Object Communication”, abbreviated as OCOC, that’ll catch on!

Seriously the internet of things (OCOC) is pretty cool, the idea that our everyday objects can cater for our needs based on algorithms and analysing us mere mortals, and making life flow so seamless for us so we can get on with proper important things like blogging and contemplating the universe and all its mystery.

This is like the concept of the robot housemaid, doing all the chores, except for the hoover itself does the hoovering, the coffee machine makes the coffee, and the fridge orders you a well balanced, nutritional foodstuffs.

Of course the music industry will be involved, it always is! Your music playlist will haunt you wherever you go around your house, or even in public,  you’ll have your own soundtrack wherever you go, any opportunity to hurl your music at you will certainly be taken!

Exciting, and weird, all at the same time. What else can i say really?

Actually smartphones are important to OCOC, this video will explain


Forget an intro, Taylor Swift went platinum!

Usually a first post would be an introduction, but i’ll try that later on, this latest story raises many questions and i need to vent some opinion and analysis before i lose some of this rabid enthusiasm. Think of this first post as a “prologue” to the blog.

The story is that Taylor Swift has broken the 1 Million sales mark with her new album 1989 (almost 1.3 Million according to Billboard). Breaking the 1 Million sales mark rarely becomes noteworthy for a big artist such as Taylor Swift, but the news from the past month which has stated that no album this year had broken the million mark (apart from the Frozen soundtrack).  There’s still about 7-8 weeks left of the year of course, and Christmas tends to have a…. slight influence on sales, so i wouldn’t imagine that Taylor will remain the only single artist to go Platinum (and the demon which is One Direction have yet to release an album to impoverish us all). This Taylor Swift story holds a lot more to it than sales.

Those of you who have kept up with the latest music news would’ve been aware that Taylor Swift (or rather Taylor Swift Co.) have taken her entire catalogue off of Spotify. Many reasons have been in the ether, many assumptions/ suspicions have arisen with some persuasive evidence, but Taylor Swift herself stated that “Music is art” and “Art has a value” which suggests that her notions are ethical, and she’s fighting for artists to get what is owed to them. This argument has arisen since pirated music started off around 8427689476432 years ago, and even since streaming has distracted people from illegal downloading, there is still problems for recording artists in streaming.

At this point, i express some opinion, which is perfectly open for debate, let me know if you have something to say. The story that Taylor Swift is doing this for artistic reasons, is one i don’t believe. It’s all a bit too coincidental for my liking. These points will back me up:

  • For there to be no platinum records for a single artist in 2014 thus far, and that its mainly down to the uprise of streaming.
  • For Taylor Swift to “conveniently” pull out of Spotify, currently the largest streaming service going, for her artistic reasoning (supposedly).
  • Then shortly afterwards releasing her latest album.
  • And another big point is that the label she is singed to, Big Machine Records, is up for sale. What else better to boost their value than to have not only the best selling artist this year, but the ONLY single artist to hit platinum.

Spotify streaming service may be the biggest, but they’re not the only players in town, and in this current era of the music industry, pretty much nobody can be confident on maintaining their level. The future of streaming and what may befall it will be mentioned in another post as it is such a hot topic, but i mentioned this because this may be another reason for Taylor Swift Co. to opt out of Spotify.

A deal may be on the horizon for Taylor Swifts catalogue, which is one to be desired, considering the size of the fan base and the attention that they draw, and the potential instigators in question could most likely be the big boys of the industry. Google, Amazon and maybe even YouTube will probably be sniffing around this, and they all have deep enough pockets, but i have a feeling that Apple will make the move, and with their streaming service which they inherited last year, Beats Music. With iTunes revenues taking a drop this year, Apple may just push harder with Beats Music, and this potential opportunity of seizing Taylor Swifts catalogue, it may give Beats Music the boost its needing.

As you see i had much to say about this story, i find it a perfect example of a lot of the issues currently happening in the industry, and i should be referencing this frequently in my next posts, especially with the inevitable transition of download and streaming.

Please discuss, i’d love to hear what anyone else has to say!